Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Design it to last

eWaste and the toxic pollution it produces.


Steve Bates said...

Great video. You'll be glad to read that the computer on which I am typing this is about 8 years old.

EIGHT YEARS OLD? How can I stand a computer that old and out-of-date?

Well, I wiped the hard disk clean... bye-bye, Windows... and installed Ubuntu Linux, which, in addition to being FREE (and having lots of FREE applications available), is also a bit faster than Windows on any given hardware. So this machine probably responds about as fast as your, say, two-year-old Windows box.

So far, I've found exactly one thing I can't do on Linux that I can do on Windows... play a particular format of streaming audio file... and I'm sure that will be fixed in less than a year by someone who will provide a new driver for FREE.

So there's another way to increase the mean-time-to-dump of some equipment: dump Windows!

[CAPTCHA text: "chiting", which I'm sure is what Microsoft would say about what I'm doing!]

ellroon said...

Weird... my statement never showed up. Musta not clicked right....

Anyway, hubby and son use Ubuntu on some of the computers, I have yet to learn to navigate on it.

Love salvaging old computers, they can be useful long after their 'shelf life' has expired....