Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BooMan says it best

Here's what I want to know. Name ten Democratic members of Congress who are radical. Find me ten Democrats who don't believe in evolution, or who don't believe in climate change, or who think that the president might not be an American citizen, or who think the president wants to euthanize your grandma. Find ten Democrats who want to turn the United States into a Soviet Socialist Republic. Find me ten Democrats who want to do anything far outside of the mainstream. You might find ten in favor of a political system more akin to Canada's or the United Kingdom's, but how radical is that, really? How does wanting single-payer health care compare for crazy with freaking out about the ready availability of contraception and the stubborn persistence of masturbation?

Tell me, who's the freaking radical here?

You want to know what happened? All the loonies left our party. That's what happened. We deradicalized ourselves. We got rid of the socialists and the segregationists. The Republicans are an extremely radical party, and you can put that on a chart and stuff it in your hat.


Steve Bates said...

Yet Democrats provided us a president who offers the radical notion that a president, alone, on his own authority, can imprison indefinitely... or assassinate... an American citizen without a warrant or a trial, or keep someone imprisoned indefinitely after they have been acquitted at trial.

Deradicalized? I'm sorry, but I don't think so!

ellroon said...

Damn it, Steve! Stop shoving reality in my face!


You are right.

*grump grump grump*