Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rachel Maddow reminds us what President Obama has accomplished


Steve Bates said...

Obama is not without his virtues, but I feel compelled... by fear of him and what he could so easily become... to respond with a list of my own. Here's one I posted on The Truffle's Obama-praising blog recently, in response to a list similar to Maddow's:

"Assassination of American citizens without trial, by executive order... DADT still in place... Gitmo still open, with a possibility of moving the whole thing within continental U.S. boundaries... millions of people uninsured AFTER the health care "reform" bill became law... largely ineffective response to the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history... need I go on? and do we have a problem here?

"I give Obama credit for one difference from GWB, and it's a big one: Obama is more dependable on women's rights. As an old Planned Parenthood contractor, I appreciate that. But I'm waiting to see a few of those campaign promises, if not implemented, at least acted upon... hell, at least not outright reversed.

"Constitutional lawyer, MFA..."

- SB the YSS

ellroon said...

Yes, you are right, Steve. I am horrified and baffled by most of the points on your list. But... I'm also glad to be reminded of what Obama HAS done in the last year alone, lugging the protesting Republicans along as they kick and scream and drag their fingernails in the floor.

Watching the clock and the calendar. Let's see what you've got, Obama.