Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're all gonna diiiiiieeeeeee!

The End of America as we know it.

The End of the World:

Or these neat options:

Update: well, darn. Removed from YouTube. I'll post them again if they reappear.

Update: They were YouTubes of Gareth Edwards' END:DAY movie about several different ways the world could experience a world wide disaster: tsunami, virus, supervolcano, Hadron Collider, meteors.... it had it all.


Steve Bates said...

Not the Large Hadron Collider. They've been running it recently with two 3.5TeV beams of protons in opposite directions... yes, colliding them (beating out their competitors as the first to do so), and yes, that's about half the maximum energy of which the LHC is capable. In a couple of months, I expect they'll crank it up to that maximum, and we'll see some real physics done. But what we won't see is the Earth sucked into a black hole. Hey, I read about it not only in Science News but also in my Rice U. alumni magazine... the Rice researcher involved says the Earth is already hit with natural rays at least as powerful, and we haven't vanished in a cloud of particles yet.

But hey, the anti-scientific GOPers need something to be paranoid about, and I suppose that's as harmless as anything else for them to fixate on.

ellroon, with luck, we will live to see the first actual "sighting" of the Higgs boson, the long-predicted particle that is said to give all of the others their mass. (Don't ask me to explain exactly what that means. :) )

ellroon said...

There once was a Higgs that was boson
He bested the others bar none
Until he collided
With atoms misguided
His mass was entirely undone....