Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Florida, where men are men, women are women

And votes don't count...

Sinfonian of Blast Off! says Diebold has been okayed for Florida elections:
Truth be told, I'm not even all that concerned about the speed with which the certification occurred. What really bothers me is that a wingnut Secretary of State certified a wingnut voting machine manufacturer.
We need to keep a wary eye on Diebold. Florida isn't exactly known for its accurate elections, you know? Diebold certainly won't improve the situation.
And Eli of Multi Medium reviews Dan Rather's broadcast about electronic voting fraud:

Dan Rather is at it with the inconvenient truths again:

…[T]his week’s edition of ”Dan Rather Reports” explores… the very paper from which punch-card ballots were made, and glaring shortcuts in how certain touch-screen voting machines were produced.

”Our story is not that the election would have turned out differently in 2000 if certain things hadn’t happened. No one can know that,” Rather said Monday. But his eight-month investigation has ”dug down vertically as deep as we were capable of doing” to probe the brewing problems — including on-camera interviews with workers who had a front-row seat.

The hourlong news program premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on cable’s HDNet channel, with subsequent re-airings and streaming online video.

Rather’s report begins with the current congressional bid by Democrat Christine Jennings, who lost her 2006 race by 369 votes in Florida’s Sarasota County, where touch-screen machines showed 18,000 ballots with no candidate selected in that race.

Electronic voting... is what will keep Republicans in power...


J Stewart said...

Where men are men, women are women and votes don't count...And in Miami another election is stolen. Total victory for a political icon on his way to the White House, except one woman stands in his way. "Ballots of Straw," a political intrigue spells out in detail how one high-tech insider steals the election and how a silent coup is marching across the country in ElecTron's state-of-the-art voting machines. Think it can't happen?

Steve Bates said...

"Electronic voting... is what will keep Republicans in power..." - ellroon

To pick a nit, a commitment to election fraud is what will keep Republicans in power; electronic voting is merely a means (admittedly a proven effective means). Without a change in the intent to defraud, fixing the e-voting systems will be of little help.

ellroon said...

Consider the nit picked. You are right. FRAUD is what will keep the Republicans in power, fraud and dirty tricks.

Nothing about respecting people's voices or the Constitution....