Friday, January 04, 2019

Listen to Spocko!

Michal Spocko
Watching the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination race start on MSNBC makes me weary.
Here is my plan: Every time I see a story about Warren, Beto, Biden, Harris, Sanders or any Democratic presidential nominee. I will stop and ask myself.
"What can I do stop the criminality of Republicans? What can I do to expose the anti-democratic institutions and organization they run? Especially the ones that made Trump, McConnell, and Ryan possible."
Let's say we want our candidate, whomever they are, to support Medicare for all. How can we help ALL of them?
One way is to learn how the drug companies and health insurance companies will attack them and then prepare to beat back their lies and paid liars.
Let's say we want campaign finance reform. How can we help ALL of our side?
One way is to push to have the people who broke campaign finance laws in 2016 and 2018 to be punished. I'm especially looking at the NRA. Busting NRA executives for campaign finance violations and treason is a twofer Democrats.
Focus on REPUBLICAN problems instead of ours. A great way to lose focus on the ongoing criminality of the Republicans is when we are set up for the ol' 'Let's you and him fight" game. Don't fall for it!
The Republicans and their organization enablers should be worried about going to jail, not chortling as they watch Democratic presidential candidates attack each other.
When you have to urge to attack someone on our side or respond to a comment on a post, stop and think, "Who can I attack on THEIR side instead?"
We can channel our shared disgust for Republicans and their terrible behavior away from each other.
Try it today and make this a Happy New Year for our side.
Your comment can be the one that reminds your friends of who is the real problem.
I look forward to hearing about all the internal attacks you stopped and refocused.

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