Monday, August 15, 2016

From feminism, Fukushima, reading to exploding manure. Which reminds me... and Trump.

What you read matters more than you think.

One way to identify potential mass killers: domestic violence and grievances against women.

Women activists around the world.

My new hero, Mary Beard.

A doctor who sees how climate change is affecting our health.  Records shattered.

Climate change in a nutshell: Heatwave leads to ice cream theft, flying cockroaches and exploding manure

Radiation Along Fukushima Rivers Up to 200 Times Higher Than Pacific Ocean Seabed

Pakistani doctor saves a Christian patient and has to flee for his life to the US.  Where Muslims are hated. Welcome to America.

Are we in a rerun of the 1930s?

What forced-birthers are like.

The making of Donald Trump.


Steve Bates said...

I actually managed to read about three chapters of The Making of Donald Trump before I reached a point at which I couldn't stand to read any more. No fault of David Cay Johnston, whose writing reminds me a tiny bit of the late (sob!) Molly Ivins, nor of Houston Public Library, whose online book hold procedure worked properly for me for the first time in 2016 (after three failures, I believe).

In summary, Donald Trump is a despicable (in)human being. If Kellyanne Whatshername succeeds in rolling back Trump's worst derogatory statements about women, in the eyes of women voters, it speaks worse of women voters than I believe is possible.

ellroon said...

You're brave and I appreciate you actually tried to read anything about Donald Trump. I'm afraid the man and his horrific bloated ego freaks me out and I can't believe he's gotten such support in this nation. Who knew we had so many stupid, non-thinking, Nazi wannabes ....