Sunday, June 07, 2015

Late Night Show

A new movie about women fighting for the right to vote... to educate those who don't know their history what it took for voting to be a right.

Weather whiplash... a great term to describe how our lives and our weather will be from now on out.  And in the 80s in Alaska.

Sitting on manspreaders.

It's not the fat, it's the sugar.

It's not clean water, it's been fracked.  And the lack of glaciers and snow pack has some people worried.  Ya THINK?

Lobsters were once really really big.  And probably still delicious....

Trans guy illustrates what male privilege is.

A school blackboard uncovered last written on in the year 1917.

A bible instead of a textbook inside of a science class?

The incompetence of Pluto's moons.

USA congressional districts

Global warming accelerating

Kitten discovers the pattern on the rug.


Steve Bates said...

OT, from Boxturtle at FDL:

ANNNND here it comes. 800Tbq of cesium isotopes going to hit the US West Coast. No mention is US papers, this link is from China.

And just this morning I was complaining about "unhealthy" levels of ozone in Houston's air today. On the whole, I'll take the ozone...

Steve Bates said...

Oh, and you may already know this, but just in case:

"Shocking drought data from NASA."

ellroon said...

Thanks for scaring me even more, Steve! /starts hording water...