Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lions and Chemicals and Iran, oh my!

700 different chemicals used to frack.  Yummy!

How many different things are made.

More ways to humiliate the poor.  Being poor is very expensive.  When will the rich millionaires in Congress realize that? Never?

Tom Cotton thinks a nice little war with Iran would only take a few days.  Kinda like what we did in Iraq.  Only better!

And for Caturday, a photographer lives to tell the tale about nearly being eaten:


Steve Bates said...

"Kinda like what we did in Iraq. Only better!"

The worst thing about conservatives is that ideology always, always trumps experience. Even on things not associated with mass violence, if a conervative applies an ideologically based policy and it is totally ineffective, s/he concludes it wasn't applied assiduously enough... [/facepalm]

ellroon said...

I've been contemplating your statement... and it scares me because it's true. Ideology is driving the idiots in Congress and those who want to be president. Can someone please save us from these idiots?