Wednesday, December 31, 2014

To celebrate the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015

Tom Tomorrow on the year that was.

Drink in moderation


Behave yourself


Make sure you get home safely



Steve Bates said...

No kitteh opens wine bottles for me. In fact, if I want to drink wine, I have to manage to use an old-fashioned corkscrew to open the bottle (if it has a cork). If I'm already too drunk to do that... no more wine for me! (Cuuute kitty trying to strip the wrapper on the wine bottle in that ICanHas... poster you put up! Can we teach that trick to Esther? I know Lily is too lazy...)

In practice I drink about two usual wine glasses, each filled about mid way to the top, in any given evening. Results depend on the strength of the wine, but it's pretty hard to get drunk on that amount. The wines I drink are purchased from Fiesta Mart at 3 bottles for $9.99, and each bottle comes from one of just three countries: Chile, Australia, or California. <grin_duck_run />

ellroon said...

:D Yes, California is a country all by itself... we just need to sign the paperwork.

I'm a permanent designated driver, but my husband and son love to travel up the coast and explore the wine counties.. we have several that are developing specific wines to each region. (They mainly mainline reds).

Love the kitties going bonkers. Hope your two are becoming more agreeable as they age.

Steve Bates said...

" Hope your two are becoming more agreeable as they age."

Esther would still chase Lily, if Lily could still run...

I stick mostly with red wines myself. I have two problems with whites: they can so easily give me morning-after headaches, and all but the very lowest-cost reds are still palatable compared to comparably priced whites. We buy separate wines for Stella; she complains of any wine that does not taste like soda pop... any other red wine she simply drowns in Sprite. Sigh!