Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bad Lip Reading:  the NFL.

Hilarious take down of mis-information about flying.

Legal attempts to try and control pregnant women.

The era of stupid.

Just HOW many pipeline spills have there in been in Alberta in the last FOUR months?

Update, via Bryan, As God as my witness,I thought turkeys fly.


Steve Bates said...

That Kos article about courts' attempts (some successful) to force women to bear a fetus even if known to be terminal or if known the woman herself would likely die makes my blood boil. (I will post on it tomorrow; I've written four posts already today.)

It's worse than imposing second-class citizenship on women: it is outright IMMORAL to force a woman to compromise her own medical wellbeing for the sake of a fetus.

Notwithstanding what the mofo's say, it goes against all historical (non-Catholic) tradition, and any federal judge who imposes it should be impeached forthwith.

ellroon said...

You can take all the 'modern' trappings off of some of these 'christianists' and they are just the same as the Taliban and ISIS. Hateful, vicious, misogynistic, and afraid of educated, logical thinkers.
We are celebrating stupidity the world over.... is it something in the water? Or do we just keep on having to do this over and over again every few generational cycles?