Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Librarians to Gamergate

Sing the praises of librarians.

Paul Krugman sings the praises of Obama.  Really.

Mars and a comet.

Get ready to breathe more methane.

Myths about slavery.  Lots I didn't know.

Explaining white privilege.  And then some.  (Scroll down to read the letter.)

Gamergate.  And wow!  then some more!


Steve Bates said...

Great article on librarians! Many of my student jobs were in libraries, hence for librarians, and the good news is that they are far from shy about the ethical aspects of their job. In a conflict with the FBI, I'd almost rather have a librarian on my side than a lawyer. No, strike the "almost": the librarian is utterly determined actually to implement that element of their code; I've seen them do it. (I wish Mr. Obama gave a damn about those rights.)

ellroon said...

I took a few library classes back in the day before computers... loved to do the research hunt.

I love the fact librarians will post the books that people try to have censored. Surprising how many of them I've read....

Librarians > FBI