Wednesday, April 09, 2014

From manatees to cats with the Ukraine in between.

Manatee migration

13 Webcomics that make you smarter.

Growing black holes eating stars

The end to upside down or up USB plugs?

Neither male nor female?  Good news.

Quote of the day: The less people know about where Ukraine is located on a map, the more they want the U.S. to intervene militarily.

Technology's Man Problem.

What is feminism?

Btw, even Carter doesn't think Bush won the 2000 election.

Kitty collapse.


Steve Bates said...

"Kitty collapse."

Many if not most cats show affection by butting the other creature... another cat, a human, whatever... with their own head. That young cat's gesture toward the puppy is almost certainly a display of warmth. Keep a cat for a while and you'll learn about head-butting first-hand. (First-head?)

ellroon said...

I know head butts, but I've not seen a head-dive-into-fur-belly until now...