Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Focusing all their technological know-how on...

Boobs.  I mean, is it supposed to titillate?  Does it rack up points or knock one back in surprise? Nope. Maybe they should grow a pair....of breasts and find out what it is like to be reduced to just body parts.


Steve Bates said...

I can understand how boy babies of a certain generation (mostly boomers), deprived of mother's milk and instead bottle-fed by Nestle (or whatever), can grow up as boob-obsessed as I am. Here's my question: why didn't girl-babies of the same bottle-fed generation grow up just as boob-obsessed as the boys?

As for the "joke," of course it simply isn't funny. If it were funny out of context (which is highly doubtful), it certainly wouldn't be funny in a professional context such as a convention. You are right: somebody needs to contemplate how it would be if the situation were gender-reversed. (Manboobz, indeed! And no, I didn't visit; I look at URLs before I click links...)

ellroon said...

I guess if you develop breasts, you see them from the inside out in a way... no need to obsess about them.

And I know people reduce each other to body parts or bank accounts or weight or skin color etc, etc. I just wonder when we will grow up... (Speaking of being grown up... Manboobz is funny and harmless btw)