Sunday, April 07, 2013

I for one will never forget

Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.



Steve Bates said...

All of my family members who have died, have done so of natural causes. The same is true for Stella. If any of my very few remaining relatives were shot to death in such a massacre, though I would not seek vengeance, I know I would be utterly unforgiving... of the killer, of course, but also of Congress and... especially... the NRA.

There is no constitutionally protected right to be unregulated, even if the activity itself that you are pursuing is constitutionally protected. Society has a right to enforce safety regulations on gun owners, too, as surely as on drivers, jackhammer operators, nurses, doctors, and anyone else in a position in which carelessness can cause grievous harm.

An NRA membership card is NOT a "get out of jail free" card.

ellroon said...

".. in which carelessness can cause grievous harm."

This. Grievous harm. Guns are MADE to do grievous harm. And how many bozos out there are careless? (This video compilation shows some of them)

We need to stay mad....

Steve Bates said...

No worries there, ellroon. I've been good and mad ever since the Kent State shootings, and those were done by people who had a legal right to carry a firearm. Sufficient regulation is EVERYTHING when it comes to gun safety. Somebody should have gone to jail for Kent State, at the very least, the officer who gave the order to fire.

Several decades later, the university itself still suffers, as I know from a friend who attends there. Mention "Kent State" and people think "National Guard shooting," no matter how many other fine things the university does for the community, and no matter how long ago the incident was. People who carry guns legally must feel the weight of responsibility on them to use... or rather, not use... those guns properly. There's no "mostly right" or "almost right" when it comes to the use of guns.

ellroon said...

But guns make people feel powerful... Ted Nugent: But in this case, the tiger was defanged beforehand. He made good on his promise not to bring any of his guns, though this left him feeling "naked."

"I even turned in my knife! I feel like a little girl," he said, according to Politico. "I'd have to protect you with the leg of that table if something were to happen. I do have my flashlight."