Thursday, February 28, 2013


Things that have fallen out of the sky.

Greece: Blackwater Mercenaries Guarding Govt and Overseeing Police; Coup Feared

Scaring off lions by being intelligent.

Our new Senator McCarthy.  Bring on the inquisition!

Josh Marshall on Justice Scalia:
Speaking for myself, it’s hard for me to read the sort of stuff Justice Scalia says these days without seeing red. As he’s aged, he’s tossed aside any pretense or desire to hide the fact that he sees himself as what originalists and advocates of judicial restraint are supposed to be against: namely, an appointed super legislator, contemptuous of Congress and happy to impose his own beliefs by judicial fiat. Hearing him rail about “racial entitlement” sounds more like you’re listening to some sort of talk radio blowhard than a Supreme Court Justice. 
But who is he (and his fellow conservatives on the Court) helping at this point? 
It’s now generally recognized (and I think it’s accurate, but who knows) that the Republican drive to disenfranchise minority voters in 2012 backfired spectacularly. The country’s demography has apparently hit a tipping point wherein you piss off and activate more people than you gain by playing to racial animus, hostility to immigrants and attacks on voting rights.
I hope you are right, Josh, because if the Voting Rights Act gets 'modified' in any way, we will have people rioting in the streets.


Steve Bates said...

Of all the showers, the Kentucky shower is clearly the meatier shower.

ellroon said...

Had visions of legs of lamb and beef steaks falling out of the sky....