Saturday, November 17, 2012

From sex to bombs...

Interesting take on the latest sex scandal.

Lee Atwater's Southern Strategy.

McCain is still sore he isn't president.

Run away, run away!!

The perils of being a woman online.

Did Anonymous save the election by blocking Rove's hacking minions?

Verdun, France has a Forbidden Forest filled with 12 million unexploded bombs from WWI.


Steve Bates said...

Atwater was the Karl Rove of his day. Both men were/are masters at manipulation of other people to achieve a desired public outcome, but theirs is a shallow knowledge, craft without art, control of human behavior without understanding of human nature. Did anyone actually LIKE Atwater? Does anyone actually like Rove? Atwater at least could sing the blues; that one tiny fragment of humanity may be all that separated them from each other... while a vast gap separates either of them from a true diplomat plying his/her trade.

To the extent the GOP has come to rely on such men... yes, it's usually men... to that extent, one of our two great mainstream political establishments is in mortal peril. The GOP may recover from this election; time moves on. But it is far more urgent that the GOP retreat from its increasingly pernicious attitude toward the public it would govern.

ellroon said...

Weird that this Rovian Republican lust for power comes hand in hand without knowing how to achieve it without force or manipulation or deceit. This shows up in their attitude towards women and their confusion over 'consent'.

Rove is still getting back at the little girl who beat him up when he was nine....

Steve Bates said...

Wow. I didn't know about that incident. Truly the child is father to the man, in this case at least!

(CAPTCHA "80 hensoul" ... I think...)