Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Listen to Bill Moyers on our obsession with guns

And then take a look at the NRA cult.

And realize that we are being told we must accept the deaths of innocents by crazies like this because the gun companies need to make money.

Freedom.  It tastes like death.

Update:  Bill O'Reilly calls Bill Moyers dumb.  I won't listen to the pompous ego-bloated smug bastard, but I'm sure Moyers could smack O'Reilly into next week with just a few choice words.


Steve Bates said...

In my lifetime, my father owned one gun, a low-powered rifle. He bought it long after I left home, at the insistence of my demented mother (I mean the word "demented" literally, as a doctor's diagnosis, not as an expression of my opinion) when she began "hearing things." Dad stored the gun at one end of the trailer and hid the ammo in a secret place apart from the gun. AFAIK, he never fired it or even loaded it but once, to test that it worked, again to satisfy my mother's sense of security.

After both my parents had died, I sold the mobile home, complete with the rifle, to their next door neighbor, who already owned at least three rifles. He seemed competent and sane, and selling him the gun did not significantly increase his potential for mayhem if he went crazy.

What did I learn from my parents about gun ownership? This: you have to be demented to think your safety is increased by owning a firearm.

ellroon said...

We have a gun hidden back in the closet that hasn't seen the light of day for about 20 years or so. We're demented in keeping that thing about for so long.

(And I'm so sorry about your mom's slow unraveling. Scary as hell to think I could do that unwillingly...)

Steve Bates said...

One of the conditions I insisted on before I would move in together with Stella was that she rid herself of her tiny pistol. I will even admit that she had a "good" reason to have purchased it... decades earlier, a man she met at a pool party attempted to assault her in the by-then-empty apartment; she was clever enough to talk him out of it, but it was a near thing, and afterward, she bought the pistol... but I was unwilling to live with a gun in the house. She gave it to a policeman who lived in our apartment complex, with instructions to disable it and dispose of it. She says now that she is very relieved to be rid of it with no one hurt. I can believe that. The pistol was a delicate-looking thing; nothing that deadly should look that graceful.

Steve Bates said...

Oh, and remember...

When guns are outlawed, only Bill O'Reilly will have guns! [/snark]

ellroon said...

When guns are outlawed, Bill O'Reilly will still have a big mouth and a bloated ego.

And a gun is a gun is a gun. Designed to hurt, maim, kill.
The end.