Wednesday, May 30, 2012

But... how would the corporations make money?

The truth about renewable energy: Inexpensive, reliable, and inexhaustible
Renewable energy actually reduces electricity prices for businesses and consumers. 
Infrastructure to connect renewable energy is a great investment. 
Integrating variable renewable resources is easier and cheaper than we thought.
Why has integrating so much wind so fast been relatively painless? 
Geographic diversity: The wind blows at different times in different places across MISO’s 12-state footprint, smoothing out the variation at any single location. 
Better forecasting tools make it easier to accurately predict wind-turbine output. 
Transmission expansions and upgrades are being approved and constructed, giving operators greater flexibility to manage all resources and consumers more choices and competition. 
Grid operators around the country and the globe are gaining experience and learning from each other as they successfully integrate ever larger amounts of renewable energy into their systems.
America has far more than enough renewable energy resources to meet its entire electric demand.


Steve Bates said...

Our House is on a 100% wind-powered plan. Our supplier, Reliant, doesn't make it any cheaper than what comes out of the nuke plant... hey, can't threaten their investment in that... but given how dog-awful much electricity Stella uses in summer months (of which this past counts as one), I'm at least glad we can use wind power at no premium in price.

Enron's opportunity has come and gone. It's not like powering autos, where there's a huge installed base of oil-powered technology to be replaced: electricity is electricity, whatever the source, and if the source changes, the benefits accrue to everyone on the grid more or less immediately. Screw coal-, oil- and gas-fired plants. Screw nuke power. Wind and solar will be EVERYWHERE in America, probably within my lifetime (I am 63).

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ellroon said...

(I find if I mess up a CAPTCHA, the next choice or two seem to get easier to decipher...)

Yes, please to wind and solar and geothermal and tidal. I read somewhere that even in high traffic spots, cars are being used to activate the energy for tunnel lighting etc.

We should also get elementary schools to get their kids to jump and run around and create energy.... (and hamsters.... ) :D