Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Republicans on the loose...

South Dakota teeters on the edge of an actual theocracy.

Doubting Clarence Thomas.

How the Rich Soaked the Rest of Us

Scott Walker is a Kochhead.... And more from Jim Hightower:
The Birchite billionaire Koch brothers and Walker, their gubernatorial hatchet man in the Badger State, have unwittingly done a tremendous favor for our country's progressive movement. Thanks to them, America's workaday majority has been awakened. With eyes wide open, middle-class working folks everywhere now have their attention riveted on Wisconsin, where a plutocratic, autocratic conspiracy between uber-wealthy corporate elites and obsequious GOP politicos has raised its ugly head for all to see.
Boehner is against net neutrality. Is the man 'for' anything ... besides cutting taxes?


This answers that question...


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