Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Do you have a flag?

Two takes on the Confederate flag and neither are complimentary.  Surviving White terrorism.  Larry Wilmore says it right.  The Southern Strategy.  Paul Krugman's article on slavery's long shadow.   And how it affects us today.  The Civil War then and now in photos.

Paul Krugman: Ten Years Later: What I Got Right - and Wrong,

Ditching Fossil Fuels and Switching to 100% Renewables No Problem, Says Stanford Study

Maybe being unable to find enough food to eat will finally get climate-change deniers's attention?  Or maybe they'll just blame California's drought on abortion...

War and peace.

A filter to deal with contaminated water helps those who have no access to clean water.

How many people are killed in the USA by guns in comparison to other nations.

Bacteria will save us all!

Unless corporations continue to dump toxic waste in poor countries.

Why do some people think that censorship of 'harmful' books will fix society?


Steve Bates said...

Then I assume Rep. Shannon Grove (a nutjob I've heard of before, BTW) will be disappointed by this news about the Supremes' ruling on Texas abortion clinics.

ellroon said...

I really do hope so!